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right to left in emacs24

From: mehran khajavi
Subject: right to left in emacs24
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:14:22 +0330

I want to write Persian in emacs24
the RTL is right but the problem is that the letters is seprated!!
a screenshot has been attached

the first line should be:
«سلام چطوری؟» NOT «س‌ل‌ا‌م چ‌ط‌و‌ر‌ی»
and after that:
     «این یک test می باشد» 
«ای‌ن ی‌ک ت‌س‌ت م‌ی‌ب‌ا‌ش‌د»
Mehran Khajavi

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