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Re: Mouse support does not work

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Mouse support does not work
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 22:00:47 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

>> For me, mouse commands in an emacs inside an xterm have no effect at
>> all.
> Not even if you load xt-mouse?

Oh, nice.  But it seems loading is not enough but you have to enable
xterm-mouse-mode, too.

  M-: (require 'xt-mouse) RET
  M-x xterm-mouse-mode RET

Then, mouse scrolling, clicking, and even selection work fine in both
xterm as well as GNOME terminal.

And of course, it's also documented in the fine manual. :-)

,----[ (info "(emacs)Text-Only Mouse") ]
| Some text-only terminals support mouse clicks in the terminal window.
|    In a terminal emulator which is compatible with `xterm', you can use
| `M-x xterm-mouse-mode' to give Emacs control over simple uses of the
| mouse--basically, only non-modified single clicks are supported.  The
| normal `xterm' mouse functionality for such clicks is still available
| by holding down the `SHIFT' key when you press the mouse button.  Xterm
| Mouse mode is a global minor mode (*note Minor Modes::).  Repeating the
| command turns the mode off again.
|    In the console on GNU/Linux, you can use `M-x gpm-mouse-mode' to
| enable mouse support.  You must have the gpm server installed and
| running on your system in order for this to work.

> But this doesn't necessarily say anything about iTerm2, whatever that
> is.  If no one wrote code for supporting mouse on that terminal, like
> we have for xterm and for GPM, then no, it won't work.

BTW, while GNOME terminal works just fine, using emacs in an xterm is a
huge mess for me.  C-h generates a DEL, and M-<x> is just x for any key
<x>, and probably there's more...


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