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Help on mail-abbrev-insert-alias and quotation marks

From: Harri Kiiskinen
Subject: Help on mail-abbrev-insert-alias and quotation marks
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 21:24:01 +0300 (EEST)


I'm using Mew mail on Emacs, with BBDB to manage addresses. The Mew
support for BBDB is not complete, for example there is no way the
mail-alias can be used in address completion.

To circumvent this limitation, it is possible to call directly
'mail-abbrev-insert-alias' on the "To: " header line and have the
mailabbrev fill the addresses that it automagically gets from BBDB
(i.e. I have no idea how it gets them).

The only problem is that if the name of an adressee contains non-ascii
characters, the name is wrapped in quotation marks, which then means
that the message can not be sent, as Mew complains about these
quotation marks – it is perfectly able to handle those non-ascii
characters. I.e., what comes out is:

To: "Jani Jämsä" <jjamsa@email.addr>, Lari Laine <llaine@email.addr>

when what should come out is

To: Jani Jämsä <jjamsa@email.addr>, Lari Laine <llainen@email.addr>

Now, my question is, is there any way the 'mail-abbrev-insert-alias'
can be made to return the list of addresses matching the alias without
any of the names wrapped in quotation marks?


Harri Kiiskinen

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