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RE: BBDB ignore messages

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: BBDB ignore messages
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 09:53:58 -0800

> > It depends very much on which version of BBDB you're using. 
> > If it's version 3 -- and you should probably be using
> > version 3...
> I'm using version `2.36', which is what comes with debian 
> testing.  I suppose that you are referring to this: 
> <>...

Somewhat apropos, mostly OT -

I don't use BBDB, but I have a library that supports it (Icicles enhances
`bbdb-complete-(mail|name)' wrt completion).  Currently I'm supporting versions
3.02 from and 2.35 from

The state of BBDB seems a bit iffy (unclear to me, at least), judging by these
two seemingly very different versions available.

And Francesco mentions a third seemingly standard/current version (2.36)
available at Savannah.  There it says "Hopefully a proper release of the new
BBDB 3 will take place soon."  Is this version numbering the same as for the
other sites I cited?  In that case, is the 3.02 version at MELPA an "improper"

Is there or will there soon be a single, "standard" development stream and
latest/current supported version, or are there multiple forked developments
going on separately in separate directions?

Not a criticism in any way, just wondering and confused.

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