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Re: BBDB ignore messages

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: BBDB ignore messages
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 09:57:28 +0800
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"Drew Adams" <> writes:

>> > It depends very much on which version of BBDB you're using. 
>> > If it's version 3 -- and you should probably be using
>> > version 3...
>> I'm using version `2.36', which is what comes with debian 
>> testing.  I suppose that you are referring to this: 
>> <>...
> Somewhat apropos, mostly OT -
> I don't use BBDB, but I have a library that supports it (Icicles enhances
> `bbdb-complete-(mail|name)' wrt completion).  Currently I'm supporting 
> versions
> 3.02 from and 2.35 from 
> The state of BBDB seems a bit iffy (unclear to me, at least), judging by these
> two seemingly very different versions available.
> And Francesco mentions a third seemingly standard/current version (2.36)
> available at Savannah.  There it says "Hopefully a proper release of the new
> BBDB 3 will take place soon."  Is this version numbering the same as for the
> other sites I cited?  In that case, is the 3.02 version at MELPA an "improper"
> release?
> Is there or will there soon be a single, "standard" development stream and
> latest/current supported version, or are there multiple forked developments
> going on separately in separate directions?

I'm not the one who should be answering on behalf of the project (Roland
Winkler is the maintainer), but the general answer is that BBDB is
moving from version 2 to version 3, and at this point no one's really
working on 2 anymore. The confusion arises because the transition has
been a bit rocky (many changes to user-facing variables and commands)
and, so far, not really documented. The version 3 code works fine, many
of us are using it, and there are a few informal "2-to-3 transition
guides" on the web, but the lack of documentation and some remaining
kinks have prevented a "proper" release, with fanfare and a canonical
web address, and consequent appearance in distro package repositories.

That's about it...


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