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RE: BBDB ignore messages

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: BBDB ignore messages
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:24:16 -0800

> BBDB is moving from version 2 to version 3, and at this point
> no one's really working on 2 anymore. The confusion arises
> because the transition has been a bit rocky (many changes to
> user-facing variables and commands) and, so far, not really
> documented. The version 3 code works fine, many
> of us are using it, and there are a few informal "2-to-3 transition
> guides" on the web, but the lack of documentation and some remaining
> kinks have prevented a "proper" release, with fanfare and a canonical
> web address, and consequent appearance in distro package repositories.
> That's about it...

OK, thanks.  That kind of confirms my impression and suggests that once things
are ironed out there will be a clear (single) new version - the confusion of
versions is only temporary.

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