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Re: [Gnus] persistent marks

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [Gnus] persistent marks
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2013 21:55:25 +0100
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ernobe <> writes:

>> So you want Gnus *not* to delete 'R' articles? And
>> "delete" in this case is that equivalent to "not show
>> up in the summary next time I bring up the group"?
> Exactly.

OK, I suspect this is actually possible to do by just
telling Gnus about it. How, and where, you'll have to
digest that manual, or wait for the Gnus foxes to get
out of their lairs.

But, three points to investigate:

- those posts that you would like to keep, you could
  mark collectively as something other than 'R' (this
  could be automatized, for example when you close a
- when bringing up the group, could you configure it to
  show 'R' posts as well? (This is the least hackish
  approach. Examine `gnus-group-select-group' with
  C-h f, *or* C-h k RET in the groups buffer.)

- when writing to ~/.newsrc, could you inhibit it from
  noting those Rs?

Emanuel Berg, programmer-for-rent. CV, projects, etc at uXu
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