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Re: Emacs for Windows

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs for Windows
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 14:34:11 -0400
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>> I mean, distribution via zip files is so painful for the user who has to
>> figure out on his own how to upgrade from one version to another, plus
>> all the dependencies, etc...
> If the package is done well, then all the dependencies are already
> bundled.  And then all you need is unzip the file.  How hard can that
> be?

How is that going to tell you when a bugfix release has been released?
How is that going to choose where to unzip?
How is that going to uninstall the old version?
And of course, you end up with umpteen copies of the dependencies, but
I guess only anal-retentive nit pickers will care about the wasted disk
and RAM space.

>> How do people live with that?
> I can tell you that no one ever asked me to provide the binary zips I
> upload in any other form.  Which makes me think there is no problem.

In the absence of a package manager, there's of course no other form
that could be requested, indeed.


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