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Re: Emacs for Windows

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs for Windows
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 09:26:15 -0400
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>> How is that going to tell you when a bugfix release has been released?
> You watch the site where you downloaded the previous one from.

Right, and of course that's a different site for each package.  To me
that reads "nightmare" ;-)

>> How is that going to choose where to unzip?
> It doesn't.  _You_ decide.  Some see that as an advantage.

I can definitely see the advantage of doing things manually, but in my
experience, the majority of users is not very disciplined, so this one
reads like "big mess".

>> How is that going to uninstall the old version?

> No need, the new files will overwrite the old ones.

>> And of course, you end up with umpteen copies of the dependencies, but
>> I guess only anal-retentive nit pickers will care about the wasted disk
>> and RAM space.
> Exactly.  Besides, other packages, not yet updated, could still need
> the old dependencies anyway.

So as long as there's no new release of Emacs (say), you'll keep on
using whichever version of the libraries was current at the time, with
their security bugs and all.  Yay!

> The other form is some kind of installer.

Which wouldn't make any difference, except maybe in choosing the place
where you install the files, which is the more minor of the problems.


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