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Re: How should libraries integrate with IDO?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: How should libraries integrate with IDO?
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 23:08:33 -0500
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>> > what should a library do that wants to use `completing-read', but
>> > optionally support IDO?
>> In my opinion, the best answer is:
>> - help integrate IDO functionality into icomplete-mode (and into the
>> default completion system).
> Wouldn't that be orthogonal? Ideally `completing-read' would provide the
> superset of ido, iswitchb, icomplete, ivy, etc.

icomplete is already integrated with completing-read, and should already
provide a more-or-less superset of iswitchb, yes.  Not sure if ivy's
model really fits into completing-read, but at least I can't see any
strong reason why we couldn't extend the current completing-read system
to provide all ido features.

> OK, thanks. So I guess the best approach is to ignore the existence of
> ido-completing-read and direct users to ido-ubiquitous.

I think so, yes,


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