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Re: problem: M-a M-e gives symbol's function definition is voide

From: Krishnakant
Subject: Re: problem: M-a M-e gives symbol's function definition is voide
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 09:49:16 +0530
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On Friday 24 February 2017 12:11 AM, John Mastro wrote:
Krishnakant <> wrote:
Here's the message from the buffer. Symbol's function definition is
void: beginning-of-python-def-or-class Can you suggest what could this
be? I also tryed running emacs -Q for bare bones setting and this
still happens. Happy hacking. Krishnakant.
The function beginning-of-python-def-or-class isn't part of the
python-mode that's included with Emacs. It's part of a separate Python
mode that IIUC is, or at least was, distributed with Python. I've always
used the one that's included with Emacs so I don't know much about it.

Are you intentionally using the alternative python-mode, or is it
entering into this picture unexpectedly?
I haven't done any thing intentionaly.
I had done a sudo apt-get install python-mode expecting that I needed that for my Python work. I then removed it using sudo apt-get remove, thinking that the version installed by Ubuntu might be causing the problem. I now asume that the default python-mode must have taken over, but still same result.
I don't intend to use the alternative Python mode.
By the way here is the output of C-h k  for the diagnose.
M-a runs the command beginning-of-python-def-or-class, which is an alias for `beginning-of-python-def-or-class',
which is not defined.  Please make a bug report.

Also, please try typing `C-h k M-a' (or, equivalently, M-x describe-key
RET M-a) and report back what command it says M-a is bound to.

Trying to think this through, what confuses me is that the command bound
to e.g. M-a must be trying to call beginning-of-python-def-or-class, but
you've said it still happens in emacs -Q. It could be that the
alternative python-mode is being loaded even in emacs -Q (and binds its
own M-a), but in that case we would expect
beginning-of-python-def-or-class to be available.

If you're not intentionally using the alternative python-mode, perhaps
try running something like this in your shell:

     $ cd ~/.emacs.d
     $ grep beginning-of-python-def-or-class **/*.el

That may tell us where that symbol is coming from. Except, since this
also happens in emacs -Q, you may also need to check in other locations
on your load-path, which will depend on your system.

On a Debian-like system, I think this would cover everything in a
typical configuration, but I'm not at one to check:

     $ cd /usr/local/share/emacs
     $ grep beginning-of-python-def-or-class **/*.el

Thanks for your help John, I was on a similar line of thought and your advice made it even more confirmed. Surprisingly though, grep returns blank. No result.
I don't understand what must be going on.
Happy hacking.

But surprisingly the

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