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Re: Newsgroups mailing-list gateway broken thread

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Newsgroups mailing-list gateway broken thread
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:02:32 -0600
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Nuno Silva wrote:
> But why is the gateway rewriting Message-IDs?

I think that would be a bug.  But it may be a bug only in one of the
newgroup relays.  The list for the replied to message:


> Your post, seen from USENET, has:
>     Message-ID: <>
> And on Gmane:
>     Message-ID: <>

I think that is a good clue.  But it may include a race condition.
The message id that includes "mailman" seems like something that could
be inserted by the mail to newsgroup direction of the gateway.  And
why doesn't it include an actual hostname there?  It isn't required.
It is only required that it be unique and any unique string may be
used there.  So that may not be wrong as such.  And it might be the
creation of a news reader creating that message id.  But it feels like
something that needs to be understood in order to continue to make
sense of things.

> (This reply is being sent through USENET, but I tried to set
> In-Reply-To myself. If that works, it shouldn't break threading.)

I think it worked.

What did you try setting it to?  It came to the mailing list with:

  In-Reply-To: <>
  References: <> <>

It apeared that the message you replied to was:

  Message-ID: <>
  References: <> <>

Seems that the message id should have also been pushed into the
References list too but was not.  But I know you were doing that
manually.  If it were done by software then the message id should be
pushed into References and set as the In-Reply-To.  But it is also
interesting that the References list changed beyond that too.


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