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Re: Python docstring folding

From: Tomas Nordin
Subject: Re: Python docstring folding
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 18:04:08 +0100

Rock Storm <> writes:

> On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 10:12:03AM -0800, Drew Adams wrote:
>> > I'm struggling with code folding. I installed
>> > 'outline-magic'. Which works great but it doesn't
>> > fold docstrings... Is there an easy way to achieve
>> > docstring folding?
>> What do you mean by folding doc strings?  What do you
>> want that it doesn't do?
> The behaviour I was expecting would be something similar to what this
> plugin does [1].  
>  [1]:
>> If you just want to toggle whether doc strings (only)
>> are hidden, see this:
> Thanks a lot for the hint. I'll try that. However, isn't there a less
> complicated way of doing it? Is it so uncommon? How did Python
> developers live before you provided them with this? :P

If it is OK to "simply" split windows maybe this is less complicated to

(defun tn-split-window-signature-on-top (&optional numlines)
  "Split window at point leaving minimum 2 lines of defun beginning on top"
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((start-pos (point))
        (start-line (line-number-at-pos))
        (toplines (if (> numlines 1) numlines 2)))
    (split-window-below (1+ toplines))
    (window-resize nil (- toplines (window-body-height)))
    (recenter 0)
    (other-window 1)
    (goto-char start-pos)
    (recenter 0)))

Should work with any function understood as a defun. You can control how
much of the beginning of the defun to show with a numeric prefix
argument (like C-u). I find it comfortable that point will remain on its
current position in the lower window (at the moment you forgot about

Best regards

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