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Re: what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine"

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine"
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 03:53:09 +0200
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Sacha Chua wrote:

> If you're looking for that sort of stuff, the
> blog posts at come with a bit more
> commentary. I'd love to get back into writing
> more detailed Emacs posts myself - maybe when
> A- starts going to school next year. At the
> moment, I can squeeze in just enough time to
> filter, categorize, and trim the links that
> come in via Reddit and other places. =) If
> you or anyone else would like to try making
> a summary like that, I'd love to link to it!

1) I understand, and

2) again, I'm the worst person in the
   whole wide (?) Emacs world for such a task
   as I almost never use other people's stuff.
   I have the MELPA pack for Google Translate
   installed, that is about it. Even for that
   I did lots of stuff [1] of my own.

I'm not saying this is a good thing to do it.
It is just the way it happened to happen.


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