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Re: what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine"

From: Van L
Subject: Re: what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine"
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 00:58:02 +1000
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> So there is material for an "Emacs Quarterly",
> no doubt... It doesn't have to be that much
> work, mostly lurking, a trained and experienced
> eye, and then the familiar kill/yank. Still, it
> will be work, no doubt. If it happened tho,
> it'd be great :)

Nipsey Hussle was running Vector90 lab.  Eboni K Williams could take his
place as community ambassador, connect world youth talent, for example
what is going on over at (1), continue running Vector90 lab which could
be tasked with what is being discussed in this thread and offer an
on-ramp to the GNU Emacs project.  She is a trained lawyer and could be
an FSF champion of the cause of freedom. (2)


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