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Re: the English language, again (was: Re: title-case function)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: the English language, again (was: Re: title-case function)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 23:44:11 +0200
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Robert Thorpe wrote:

> That has very little to do with this
> title-case function discussed here.
> After all, you hardly ever write a title when
> you're coding. Titles are for normal
> documents. In the vast majority of cases,
> normal documents are written in the native
> language of the country you're in.

"Normal documents" at the universities are
written in English to a large extent, a trend
that will probably grow to include more
academic disciplines, and also more countries.

Biblatex is one computer system that certainly
involves titles. Here is one good example for
the OP to try his function on:

  author     = {John Jackson Miller and Dustin Weaver},
  ISBN       = {1-59307-761-0},
  publisher  = {DC},
  title      = {Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2},
  year       = 2007

> Something that people should remember here is
> that lots of Emacs users aren't professional
> software engineers. I'm not and I have hardly
> written any code in Emacs in the last year.
> I've written a lot of other stuff though.

But you are not saying only "professional"
people should write their titles correctly?

Besides there are many professional people who
stink at what they do, and OTOH many people who
aren't professional who are even worse ;)

underground experts united

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