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Re: Bookmarks in EWW

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bookmarks in EWW
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 10:06:57 -0400
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> Ok, I've thrown something together (draft!) and tested quickly:


> +  ;; Emacs bookmarks support
> +  (defvar bookmark-make-record-function)
> +  (setq-local bookmark-make-record-function #'eww-bookmark-make-record)

No need for the `defvar` here.

> Does it make sense that these bookmarks save a text part?  Surely makes
> sense for some cases, e.g. locally saved documentation in html, but
> makes not much sense for e.g. newspaper sites.

As you say, it's useful for pages which don't change (or not much), and
it should be harmless for those pages that change too frequently.

> Do I need to declare `bookmark-make-record-function' as special when
> setting with `setq-local' (that's what doc-view does)?

No.  buffer-localness is a concept that only applies to dynamically
scoped variables anyway, so if you need it it's a sign that we should
improve something somewhere.

> Do I have to add a NEWS entry?

I think it deserves a mention, yes.


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