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Search through the string's space for find the target string whose md5su

From: Hongyi Zhao
Subject: Search through the string's space for find the target string whose md5sum matches the required condition.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 16:42:28 +0800

Suppose we have a string represented as follows, where `?' represents
arbitrary uppercase letters:


We also know that its md5sum has the following form:


Based on the above information, find out the string and its
corresponding md5sum.

I've done the work with the following python code:

import re
from hashlib import md5
from string import ascii_uppercase


for i in alphabet_uppercase:
    i_str= 'TASC' + i
    for j in alphabet_uppercase:
        j_str = i_str + 'O3RJMV' + j
        for k in alphabet_uppercase:
            k_str = j_str + 'WDJKX' + k + 'ZM'
            if re_md5_str.match(md5_str):
                md5_str = re_md5_str.match(md5_str)[0]
                print('The string: ' + k_str + '\n' + 'md5sum: ' + md5_str)

But I would like to know the ELISP implementation for the above
question. Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, HZ

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