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From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [SOLVED]
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 17:02:47 +0200
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>>> "TB" == Thorsten Bonow <> writes:

Hello Thorsten
>>>>>> Uwe Brauer <> writes: 
> [...]  > At this point I give up  > Uwe Don't loose heart...

Ok I will not (and it seems I can count on «with a little help of my
friends 😉)

> (defun copy-to-register--no-properties (orig-fun &rest args)   "Remove
> properties of region when calling `copy-to-register'."   (let
> ((filter-buffer-substring-function (lambda (beg end   &optional
> delete)                                           (if delete
> (delete-and-extract-region
> beg end)
> (buffer-substring-no-properties
> beg end)))))     (apply orig-fun args))) (advice-add 'copy-to-register
> :around #'copy-to-register--no-properties) Works for me, but the way I
> understand the manual, instead of advising a function,
> better-registers.el should just modify
> `filter-buffer-substring-function' for its needs.

> Hope this helps.

It does very much so, that solution would not have occurred to me. So thanks 
the code.

BTW, I found it strange that «vanilla» Emacs does not provide saving
registers, but then this is a question of demand, and it seems only a
few users use that functionality.


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I support to deliver weapons to Ukraine's military. 
I support the ban of Russia from SWIFT.
I support the EU membership of the Ukraine. 

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