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Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs

From: Alessandro Bertulli
Subject: Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 23:02:48 +0200

> Italy has a history of being a bit "behind"

Well, first of all, thank you :-)

> [...] however in this case "academic"
> brings the thoughts to a stinking professor of English
> literature who cannot do laundry, this obviously has nothing
> to do with the theoretic superstructure of very practical
> things like technology and engineering. Even in language you
> may have heard phrases like "the debate has been largely
> academic" meaning without substance and not of practical
> relevance. (Not that there is anything wrong with
> English literature.)

Surely you know English language better than me, so I don't question

> Well, the international language - English;
> the language of science, very international indeed - English;
> the language of computers - English (US English in terms of speeling);
> the language of your post and my reply - English;
> "Master" - an English word ...

You're right, my point is that "Master of Science" is English enough:

> If you woold specify what tasks in general and what features
> in particular you look for to carry out those tasks, there is
> no "academic workflow". But, you said it in subsequent
> messages and to some some extent in the first post as well so
> yeah, it is enough we cross that from the proceedings ...

Here my bad, I should have asked a narrower question. Looking back, I'd
say you're right, my first question was if it was possible (in the
community's opinion) to study old, scanned, poorly indexed PDFs with
pdf-tools, and if not, what other tools do you use. I should have been
more focused, I apologize.


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