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Re: cdlatex-mode in emacs

From: thibaut . verron
Subject: Re: cdlatex-mode in emacs
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 17:58:23 +0200
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On 25/08/2022 17:03, uzibalqa <> wrote:
------- Original Message -------

> The file seems well organized to me, the code is grouped according to
> the provided features. That's a lot easier to use and manage than having
> to modify n files at exactly the right place anytime one wants to add a
> new feature.
> Most of the contents is common concepts, with little bits of
> instantiation here and there. And a lot of the language-specific content
> (in terms of lines of code) is documentation rather than code. Again,
> that's because tex- and latex- mode do not attempt to implement more
> than basic support for latex files.
> In any case it is a concern for developers, not users. Do you have
> changes that you would like to include in tex-mode.el, but can't because
> of the current file structure?

One feature I did include in my implementation for tex-mode is to highlight
tex commands such as "\sqrt", "\omega" and the rest.  But the starting "\"
is not highlighted in order to distinguish different components such as in
"\alpha\beta" and "\sin\omega_k".

This sounds like a feature which would be common to all tex flavours, and 
therefore be easy to integrate in the current code base, no?

cdlatex would also be useful for use with texinfo-mode, particularly now that
texinfo uses mathjax.

cdlatex is a minor mode, so you can activate it in texinfo-mode buffers. Do you 
run into problems when you do that?
(Some languages do expect different markup than latex, leading to wrapper 
packages like org-cdlatex. I don't know texinfo, but I seem to remember that 
cdlatex supports \( \) as math delimiters, which should be useful for mathjax.)

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