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Re: [Help-gnucap] Wave output analisys

From: al davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] Wave output analisys
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 01:46:34 -0400
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On Thursday 31 August 2006 07:46, Rubén Gómez Antolí wrote:
> There are a easy form to analyze outputs waveform?
> It's no easy with gnuplot, and gwave doesn't offer advance
> features.
> I need to change X axis, cursors, point data, zoom to zone...

gwave does that.

To use gwave ....

Do an analysis directing to a file...
gnucap> ac 20 20k decade >somefile

Then run gwave on the file....
gnucap> !gwave somefile

I tried to make it work as a pipe, but gwave doesn't work with 

gnucap> ac 20 20k decade |gwave
doesn't work, because of gwave.

> This is for a university practical exercizes, my teacher
> "loves" windows, I'm in the way that show him that "GNU/Linux
> side" is good and easy too; Gnucap, Geda, KJWaves... helps me
> to do that.

The difference is that with gnucap, etc.  that you can change 
it, study it, and participate.  Windows is designed to inhibit 
learning.  Some teachers consider this a plus, because it keeps 
you from getting distracted from the homework.

There is an incredible amount of pressure to use the commercial 
stuff.  Texts are written for it.  Profs are harrassed if they 
don't use it.  There are bribes.  Book publishers insist on 
demo versions of commercial software, not GPL.  

Another issue, leading to "loves windows" is that recently EE is 
attracting a lot of students who can't make it in CS.  They 
won't be very good in EE either.  They drag down the class and 
teachers try to accomodate them, often at the expense of the 
good students.

While you are doing your homework, you can help us a lot, very 
simply.  Do it both ways, and write up FOR US some experiments 
using geda/gnucap/gwave.  When you have problems, don't just 
put it aside, but let us know.  Maybe you can write a 
web-book "getting started with....". 

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