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[Help-gnucap] Problems with Gnucap 2006.07.08

From: Ricardo Markiewicz
Subject: [Help-gnucap] Problems with Gnucap 2006.07.08
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 23:53:42 -0300

Hi all!, after a gcc migration on my gentoo box I updated my old GnuCap
0.34 with gnucap-2006-07-08 snapshot (0.34 does not compile with gcc

After that, the output of the transient analisis are not the expected

Attached to this mail you can find :
 * birdge.netlist : A netlist that use a diode bridge and run the
transient analysis.
 * out_gnucap_0.34.txt : Result using gnucap 0.34
 * out_gnucap_2006.07.08.txt : results using gnucap 2006-07-08

I saw that 2006-07-08 introduces changes to the transient analysis step
control algorithm[2], can be this the problem?


[1] : I've only tested transint analisys
[2] :
Ricardo Markiewicz //

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