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Re: Cannot build gnustep-base documentation

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Cannot build gnustep-base documentation
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:41:34 +0100

On 20 Jun 2004, at 16:04, Eric Heintzmann wrote:

Once again, the gnustep-base documentation cannot be built when packaging for debian. On debian system all packages are built as simple user, and root permissions are simulated by the fakeroot program. But this fakeroot doesn't allow to write in /root (but since nothing is installed here, this should not be a problem). But it seems that autogsdoc need that something is written in /root :


Last time Richard wrote a patch that has solved the issue. (on NSUserDefaults if I remenber well)
Is this patch has been reverted ?

I don't think it got reverted ... but I also don't recall the problem being exactly the same. As I recall, I changed the code to create a read-only defaults database in memory if the
defaults database could not be read on disk (because it wasn't there).

This time, the problem appears to be that the system can't even create the defaults directory ... it's possible that additional code to make sure the directory exists was
added at some point.

Anyway, I've changed the code to continue when there is no accessible directory too.

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