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Re: Gorm won't start with gnustep-base-1.12.0

From: Fabian Borschel
Subject: Re: Gorm won't start with gnustep-base-1.12.0
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 00:16:59 +0200


On 2006-03-29 15:01:26 +0200 Gregory John Casamento <> wrote:
No, it doesn't. This means at it requires at LEAST gnustep-base-1.11.1, it works perfectly fine with later versions such as 1.12.0 and so on. Also, none of the GNUmakefiles specifically link it to a given version of the base or gui library.

You appear to have a configuration issue on your machine. I suggest that you remove all traces of GNUstep from the machine and do a complete reinstall. Make certain that anyplace you have installed it in the past has been removed.

Finally I found it. I had old Gorm-libs in my home-Library dir, which where linked
against gnustep-base-1.11.

Thank all of you for your help.

Best regards,

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