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Re: Trouble Running GNUStep on Windows XP

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Trouble Running GNUStep on Windows XP
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 16:32:37 +0200
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michael wrote:
> Hi Everyone. Recently I installed GNUStep to help me
> get some of my projects to cross-compile between
> Windows and Mac OS X. I think that something went
> wrong somewhere along the line because ProjectCenter
> and Gorm do not work properly. The package I installed
> was GNUstep-base-1.13.1-gui-0.11.0.exe and I built
> ProjectCenter-0.4.3 and Gorm-1.2.1. When I run
> ProjectCenter, it doesn't display any buttons or
> windows and I get these errors:
> [3112]Exception Occured while loading model: attempt
> to set non property list object for key (BundlePaths)
> [3112]Failed to Gorm
> [3112]Could not load Gorm file
> C:\GNUStep/System/Applications/
> [3112]Cannot load the main model file
> `ProjectCenter.gorm`
> When I run Gorm, it seems to work until I make a new
> application. The window is unresponsive and I can't
> drag and drop any widgets on it without getting a "No
> Active Document Error". It reports these exceptions: 
> [120] Exception occured while loading model: expected
> object and got unsigned char
> [120] Failed to load Gorm
> [120] Could not load Gorm file:
> C:\GNUstep/System/Applications/
> [120] NSWindowController could not load nib named
> GormDocument.nib.
> I'm not sure if I'm missing anything or if I need a
> different build, but it definately doesn't work.
> Any help would be greatly appriciated.

This could be a mismatch between your Gorm version and the installed gui
and base code. Gorm 1.2.0 was released early this year whereas gui 0.11
is about a year old. Perhaps you should get a recent release of base,
gui and back and compile it yourself. Or if you are very daring even get
it from SVN. GUI 0.12 should match your Gorm version.
We really need to put a more recent release for Windows on our web site.
Any volunteer?


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