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Building gnustep on Mac OS X

From: Daniel Mark
Subject: Building gnustep on Mac OS X
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 23:28:14 +0200

Hi All!

I am trying to build gnustep on Darwin x86, and get the following error:

checking if ffcall trampolines work... no

You have ffcall, but it does not work properly. Most likely because
your're system's security policy is blocking some parts of ffcall
we recommend installing libffi instead.
GNUstep requires ffcall or libffi and proper libobjc hooks to do
invocations and DO.
(This does not apply on apple-apple-apple systems where DO is
not compatible with other GNUstep systems.)

Since I run an apple-apple-apple system, I am clueless what to do?
Anyone got a hint?

Best regards,

Daniel Mark

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