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Re: Please test gsasl 0.2.29 release candidate!

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: Please test gsasl 0.2.29 release candidate!
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 20:43:03 +0200
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Adam Strzelecki <address@hidden> writes:

> Simon,
> Please don't release 0.2.29 yet. I have serious concerns about sanity
> of latest changes.

Hi Adam!  Thanks for looking at this.

> First of all MinGW has auto-export functionality, but it should be
> compatible with Windows __declspec(dllexport). So I wonder what was
> the errors while building in MinGW?

There are undefined references to import symbols when linking the

/home/jas/libgsasl-0.2.28/src/init.c:57: undefined reference to 
.libs/init.o: In function `gsasl_init':
/home/jas/libgsasl-0.2.28/src/init.c:146: undefined reference to 
.libs/callback.o: In function `gsasl_callback':
/home/jas/libgsasl-0.2.28/src/callback.c:105: undefined reference to 
/home/jas/libgsasl-0.2.28/src/callback.c:121: undefined reference to 
/home/jas/libgsasl-0.2.28/src/callback.c:129: undefined reference to 

I suspect there actually is some incompatibility in using
__declspec(dllexport) with MinGW.  Do you have any ideas?

Anyway, since MinGW doesn't require __declspec(dllexport), I would
prefer to not use it with MinGW unless there is a good reason.

> However if we want to limit GSASL_API to MS Visual C++ only, please
> bring back old GSASL_API block and just change:
> # if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(GSASL_STATIC)
> to
> # if defined(_MSC_VER) && !defined(GSASL_STATIC)
> but don't define GSASL_API inside of the VC project. Latest will
> probably beak VC projects relaing on libgsasl, since GSASL_API neither
> MSVC (which isn't standard macro) is not defined there  (_MSC_VER is
> standard macro defined by Microsoft compiler). Also GSASL_EXPORTS &
> GSASL_EXPORTS matches Microsoft convention for building MSVC libraries
> (this is how M$ marks 99% of its projects and this is how Visual
> Studio macros create new library projects), having GSASL_API defined
> in project is against this.
> This convention isn't maybe wise & pretty but this is what MSVC
> programmer are used to.

I'll look into this approach.

> I'm fine with rest of the changes to drop Perl dependency. I remember
> you were asking for having this Perl script in gsasl as is was done in
> libidn though, and now we drop it back :>

I didn't know we could do without the perl script. :)


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