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Re: Running guix on nixos

From: Jeff Mickey
Subject: Re: Running guix on nixos
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 13:58:51 -0800
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* Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> [2016-01-23 12:48]:
> It would be interesting (on an intellectual level ;-)) to find out what
> piece of libstdc++’s build system is responsible for choosing lib/
> vs. lib64/ and what makes it choose something different.  I’m guessing
> there’s necessarily an impurity in the build environment that explains
> this.

Never figured this out, seems it was the chroot issue, and maybe not
running garbage collection when I thought I was. Sorry I don't have any

> Yes, you would be using two completely separate distros anyway.  The
> advantages of using a single store, though, is that you would get
> deduplication across the two distros, and running ‘guix gc’ or
> ‘nix-collect-garbage’ would affect the whole store.

I successfully got both the guix-daemon and the nix-daemon running on
the same machine through nix's configuration syntax.

Unfortunately, there is something wrong with how it uses acl, as it
warns me every time and then re-builds the world. Just installing guix
this way as it stands took 10+ hours of compute on an 8 core xeon with
32 gigs of ram.

So.. I need to figure out the substitutes issue (which mark_weaver on
irc rightly pointed out requires the second daemon in /gnu to have all
the package derivations match), and I think maybe my sysconfdir gets set

Now if only I had fully free hardware so I could hack on guixsd more
easily.. but other than that, I'm very close! Redankon!

  //  codemac

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