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Re: General Question: Execution of binaries not built for GuixSD

From: Florian Paul Schmidt
Subject: Re: General Question: Execution of binaries not built for GuixSD
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:50:27 +0200
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On 22.06.2016 01:21, christoph vogelsberg wrote:

I have a fresh installation of GuixSD and I'm keen of learning more. I struggle 
with a concept and don't know how to circumvent best:

Binaries built for ordinary Linux's (as, in my case, Firefox Developer Edition) 
expect libraries on certain standard pathes which doesn't exist on GuixSD. I 
found three possibilities that might work:

* use fakechroot to make my user profile a pseudo root (disadvantage: I have no 
experience, it seams there is no package for that)
* create symbolic links (disadvantage: new builts get a new path with a hash 
value and must be re-linked properly)
* install a minimal Linux and use Guix instead of GuixSD (disadvantage: this 
would the point where I had capitulated)

My question: is there an already elabored way, documentation and so on, for 
this specific problem?

There's a tool that you can use to hack library paths in ELF binaries. I once packaged the binary releases of firefox and thunderbird using that way, but I took the repos containing the package definitions offline due to licensing issues. You could use those as a starting point. If you wish I can dig out my local copies of the repos once I get home..


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