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General Question: What if Binary Building breaks?

From: christoph vogelsberg
Subject: General Question: What if Binary Building breaks?
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20:19:34 +0200

Hello again GuixSD-ers

thanks for the last fast response! Now I face another question due to:

> > My question: is there an already elabored way, documentation and so
> > on, for this specific problem?
> The solution is to build the software from source to produce a binary
> that is compatible with GuixSD.  Guix has a GNU Icecat package that
> may provide a good base for this.

I actually tried installing the IceCat package but my laptop got hang. It
was heavily virtualizing so I looked up hardware requirements for
building Firefox. I learned that 8GiB RAM (and therefor 64bit system) are
required. So this makes this package unbuildable for me.

Is there any solution for that case in general? I fear persons like me who
can't efford hardware like that need to wait until a prebuild is available.

Thanks in advance and thumbs up for your project!


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