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I can only start an X server in guix as root

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: I can only start an X server in guix as root
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:50:10 +0000



I currently dual boot guixSD and Parabola.  I use a macbook 7,1, and I
am unable to start an X server in guix as my normal user.  I can login
to gnome via my root user, but obviously this is not ideal.  I can login
to a virtual console as my normal user and access Emacs (yeah), but it
would be nice to be able to start gnome as my normal user.  Just today I ran

guix pull; sudo guix pull; guix system reconfigure /etc/gnome-xfce.scm

It updated fine.  I rebooted and the problem still persists.  Parabola
and guix have seperate / partitions, but they share the same /home.  
I've set up guix to create my normal user (joshua) with a uid of 2000,
because that is the uid that the user joshua has on parabola.

I'm attaching my config.scm file and some errors that I've found that
are probably relevant.  Any help would be nice. 

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