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dev env again

From: Catonano
Subject: dev env again
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 21:35:19 +0200

How do I learn about how to write new system tests ?

What I'd like to do is not that complicated

I'm taking a look at the file tests/elpa.scm in order to understand how system tests are supposed to be written

There's this excerpt

(define (eval-test-with-elpa pkg)
   ;; replace the two fetching functions
   ((guix import elpa) fetch-elpa-package

what's this mock thing that gets called ?

I git pull, make clean, clean-go, remove suroius .go files manally, build

then guile --listen (I don't remember that trick to use a socket file), connect emacs, looking for my old thread in which Alex Kost indicated C-c . u

and then I do C-c .u on "mock"

no code for module (test-elpa)

I tried with "i" in the info manual but "mock" couldn't be found

where can I learn anything about that "mock" thing (is it a function or a macro ) ?

More generally, how do I learn about how to write new system tests ?

Thanks in advance

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