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mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2019 20:43:37 -0600

Not sure why stuff like sdl2 and ffmpeg end up trying to pull in a database 
manager, but the build is failing for me.

This seems to be different from the mariadb issues posted in the bug list a few 
months ago, as I've got ~40GB of free space, and the build wasn't getting OOM 
killed like python was a while back, so I don't expect it's available RAM 

Weirdly, mariadb seems to have built fine on my desktop several weeks ago, but 
fails on my laptop. Not sure if that was just lucky timing or the greater specs.

Anyway,the guix version used is:
which should be from only a week or two ago.
I'm also on standard x86_64 GNU/Linux.

If needed, I can try a guix pull and try again, though mariadb has been failing 
consistently for a while now, and I've pulled guix at least once since then to 
check if that was the problem, so I suspect the problem isn't guix unless a fix 
was applied only very recently.

I've attached the bzipped log instead of inserting it as text, since it's very 

Anyway, thanks for your time everyone, and hopefully somebody knows what's 
going wrong here.

Matthew Brooks

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