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Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 22:26:19 -0600

Minor update, mariadb is also failing to build on my desktop now. So it looks 
like when it managed to complete a few weeks ago was lucky timing and not some 
configuration difference between my laptop and desktop.
I've also attached the log from my desktop, which is much the same as the ones 
from my laptop. The only failed test was "main.mysqldump", which failed in a 
lot of ways, but I am not familiar enough with the program or tests to make 
heads or tails of the errors or have any idea how to fix.

I also checked "guix gc --referrers" on mariadb, and it looks like qtbase is 
pulling it in.
Sadly, even after installing portgresql and mysql, guix kept trying to build 
mariadb, so it looks like qtbase is specifically pulling in mariadb and not 
just a generic database engine, so I still can't install stuff like SDL, 
ffmpeg, calibre, and miscellaneous other stuff, until mariadb decides to build 

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