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Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 21:12:07 -0600

Well, apparently I spoke too soon last time. It turns out that the "building 
mariadb" that went by successfully in the log the other day must not have been 
from actually building the program itself, as none of the things that depend on 
mariadb actually got installed, and even after a fresh pull earlier today many 
builds are still failing at mariadb on my laptop.

I did pull guix today, and I'm running version:

The failure log appears substantially the same as the first one, failing in 
many spots on main.mysqldump (and not failing any other tests), with a few 
differences in process id values and with slightly fewer tests this time, but 
I'll attach this most recent log for completeness.

Sorry for my premature declaration that everything was working yesterday, and 
for thus having to post another email to redact it.

This time I even plugged in my 1TB USB HDD and mounted it in /tmp, and put an 
8GB swap file on it and made sure to swapon the swap file, just to make 
absolutely certain it wasn't a space issue. The build still failed, sadly.

As before, any advice on either fixing the mariadb build, or somehow avoiding 
pulling it in for stuff like sdl2 and ffmpeg, is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, have a nice day everyone, and thanks for your time.
Matthew Brooks

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