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Re: Need help porting eDuke32

From: HiPhish
Subject: Re: Need help porting eDuke32
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:20:25 +0100

I have found the problem thanks to one of the eDuke32 developers. Here is the 

    $ echo $C_INCLUDE_PATH

Compare this value to

    $ sdl2-config --cflags

They point to different entries in the store. And the store entry provided by 
sdl2-config does not contain the header file for SDL Mixer (obviously, since 
that one is pointing to the store entry of one package instead of a profile). I 
am already using sdl-union as my input:

    ("sdl-union" ,(sdl-union (list sdl2 sdl2-mixer)))

The makefile uses the output of sdl2-config as part of the compiler flags, so 
include path points into the wrong directory. Is there a way to get sdl2-config 
to print the correct path?

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