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Re: Need help porting eDuke32

From: HiPhish
Subject: Re: Need help porting eDuke32
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 17:21:36 +0100

On Sunday, 17 February 2019 16:33:41 CET you wrote:
> Can you share your package definition?

Sure, I posted the abridged version in the OP, here is the complete definition:

(define-public eduke32
    (name "eduke32")
    (version "20181027-7136")
        (method url-fetch)
        (uri (string-append "";
          (base32 "121k2k7ylw8dvs71mrdy7hwb1a2xd5di7jdqc20a1ml5k0n9akpn"))))
    (build-system gnu-build-system)
      `(#:tests? #f
        (modify-phases %standard-phases
          (delete 'configure)
          (delete 'install))))
      `(("pkg-config" ,pkg-config)))
      `(("sdl-union" ,(sdl-union (list sdl2 sdl2-mixer)))
        ("glu" ,glu)
        ("libvorbis" ,libvorbis)
        ("libvpx" ,libvpx)
        ("flac" ,flac)
        ("gtk+" ,gtk+-2)))
    (synopsis "Source port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 
    (description "EDuke32 is an awesome, free homebrew game engine and source 
port of the
classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D—Duke3D for short—to Windows,
Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, several handhelds, your family toaster, and to your
girlfriend's vibrator. We've added thousands of cool and useful features and
upgrades for regular players and additional editing capabilities and scripting
extensions for homebrew developers and mod creators. EDuke32 is open source
software that is completely free to use for all non-commercial purposes.")
    (home-page "";)
    (license (list gpl2))))

> Are you running those two commands from the build environment?

Yes, from within the same build environment. I executed `guix environment --
pure --load=eduke32.scm` from within the source code directory and ran the 
commands in the new shell. If I understand the user manual correctly, this 
should set up an environment in which all dependencies (inputs) declared in 
the package definition are set up, and nothing else. Is this correct?

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