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Re: Input method change in GNU IceCat installed via Guix

From: znavko
Subject: Re: Input method change in GNU IceCat installed via Guix
Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 10:41:32 +0000

Hello, Zelphir!
I had such problem on Gnome+Wayland. It did not used another newly added 
layout, but only US even when I choose Russian in the applet in the gnome 
toolbar (the bar on top). It was for all apps under Gnome+Wayland. But I only 
tried to config system for it, so I had not purpose to solve it.
I have no such problem in Xfce4.
What is your desktop environment and display server? Also your system config 
might be needed.

May 12, 2019 10:10 AM, "Zelphir Kaltstahl" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Guix Users!
> Recently I installed GNU IceCat via Guix. A few days ago I noticed
> something:
> I cannot switch input method when the GNU IceCat window is focused. My
> shortcut was CTRL+tilde before and I already tried changing it to the
> more common CTRL+ALT+space, but that also does not work. To me it seems,
> that IceCat does not bubble up the keyboard event for this shortcut to
> the system and then the system (Xubuntu 18.04) does not notice, that I
> pressed the input method switching shortcut. But that is only a guess,
> as I do not really know how the order of keyboard event processing is
> organized.
> If it was only switching a few characters on the keyboard, I could live
> with simply typing differently, but when I want to input Chinese
> characters, I currently need to open another program, any text editor
> not having this issue, and then type there and copy paste it into IceCat.
> I am using Fcitx for input method management. My GNU IceCat version is
> `60.3.0esr (64-bit)`.
> Another application where it does not work is Emacs. However, there the
> useful built-in IM exists which can be switched to by: `C-u
> C-<backslash> chinese-py <return>` so I do not need it there.
> What can I do to make IM switching work when IceCat is focused?
> Regards,
> Zelphir

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