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distrowatch article about guix system

From: Michael Zucchi
Subject: distrowatch article about guix system
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 12:48:06 +0930
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I'm not if this is the appropriate place but here's a reasonably thorough look at the new user experience for the guix system which may be of interest.  In summary it was a somewhat rocky.

I haven't done much more than install it myself, but one line in particular jumped out at me:

   In short, we should either already know how to use Guix or have a
   second computer available to look up documentation and examples.

Actually my initial take was that it was the documentation itself that assumes you already know how to use it.  The jargon was a quite heavy for example.  The author also notes the poor performance of the package manager, and I concur - even using considerably more powerful hardware than they did although I also installed it in VirtualBox.


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