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Help Installing GuixSD on ThinkPad X60 tablet

Subject: Help Installing GuixSD on ThinkPad X60 tablet
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 15:22:37 +0000


I'm having a problem I hope someone can help me with :( I just got a 
refurbished ThinkPad X60 Tablet with 3GB RAM and a 128 SSD, and I was reading 
about the free distros that are available so I could later install libreboot 
and saw there was Guix, and I found it great! But the thing is, it wouldn't 
work :(

I downloaded the i686 iso and flashed it to a 3.0 USB Kingston DataTraveler 
with Balena Etcher, it worked fine, it booted, I followed the graphical 
install, set the language and keymap, location, and chose to use full disk with 
separate home partition and full encryption, I also selected i3 and openbox as 
desktops and lastly mozilla https and tor network.

It installed without errors, and asked me to reboot, after that it asked me the 
/ encryption passphrase, got to the grub screen, then asked me the home 
passphrase, aaand... it booted to Gnu Guile! And by typing ",help guix" it only 
showed me the option to switch to bournish language! I read every single 
command that ",help all" showed me but none helped, I saw also something about 
"repl" in the welcome message but tried it and the command didn't work either.

Then I thought maybe it was something about the greeter not being installed so 
I reinstalled with Gnome and i3 but same thing, booted to Guile, and I don't 
know how to boot the os itself.

If anyone knows what I did wrong or had a similar situation, I would gladly 
appreciate it, I really wanted to try out Guix :( If you need any more 
information, I can provide. Thanks in advance!

Byron ElĂ­as Molina Hermosilla,

Software Engineering Student,

INACAP Renca, Chile.

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