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Re: Help Installing GuixSD on ThinkPad X60 tablet

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Help Installing GuixSD on ThinkPad X60 tablet
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 14:38:43 -0300

> I downloaded the i686 iso and flashed it to a 3.0 USB Kingston
> DataTraveler with Balena Etcher, it worked fine, it booted, I followed
> the graphical install, set the language and keymap, location, and
> chose to use full disk with separate home partition and full
> encryption, I also selected i3 and openbox as desktops and lastly
> mozilla https and tor network.

> It installed without errors, and asked me to reboot, after that it
> asked me the / encryption passphrase, got to the grub screen, then
> asked me the home passphrase, aaand... it booted to Gnu Guile! And by
> typing ",help guix" it only showed me the option to switch to bournish
> language! I read every single command that ",help all" showed me but
> none helped, I saw also something about "repl" in the welcome message
> but tried it and the command didn't work either.

Typically, you need to type in the same passhrase twice for "/", once
for grub and once from the initramfs to mount "/" ... are you sure you
typed the right passphrases in at the right times? If you were only
asked for two passphrases and got a guile prompt after the second
passphrase, this would be my *guess* what happened.

live well,

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