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Re: personal communications server

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: personal communications server
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2019 16:56:27 +0200
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Le 6 août 2019 16:25:18 GMT+02:00, address@hidden a écrit :
>Hi Julien,
>Thank you for your response.
>> Could explain wgat such a system would do? I'm not familiar with
>> freedombox or freedombone. However, I can tell you we have mail
>> available, and I configured two personal servers with them. That's
>what I
>> use to send this very email :)
>As per :
>Software for an internet of people
>Mainstream software is so broken and the organizations that develop it
>untrustworthy that we are reaching a breaking point. So you want to run
>your own internet services? Email, chat, VoIP, web sites, file
>synchronization, wikis, blogs, social networks, media hosting, backups,
>VPN. Freedombone is a home server system which enables you to self-host
>all of these things from your place of residence (not a data center).
>can run Freedombone on an old laptop or single board computer.
>As per :
> This system comes in three versions:
>  Standard server version: for the ordinary internet using conventional
>domain names
> Onion only server version: uses onion addresses. Doesn't need a domain
>name or port forwarding
> Mesh peer/client version: off-grid autonomous operation, separate from
>the internet. No servers.
>1 Server apps
>These apps are available on all server versions of the system, either
>clearnet or onion addresses.
>Akaunting - A web based accounts system for small businesses or
>BabyBuddy - Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and
>tummy time.
>Bludit - Databaseless blogging system.
>CryptPad - Collaborative documents, presentations, votes and drawing.
>Datserver - Seed dat protocol files from your server to make them
>DLNA - Play media on UPNP/DLNA supported devices
>Dokuwiki - A databaseless wiki system.
>EteSync - End-to-end encrypted sync of calendar and contacts between
>Etherpad - Collaborative document creation.
>Federated wiki - A new approach to creating wiki content.
>Gogs - Lightweight git project hosting system.
>HTMLy - Databaseless blogging system.
>IRC Server - Chat server with bouncer.
>Icecast media stream - Make your own internet radio station.
>KanBoard - Simple kanban system for managing projects or TODO lists.
>Koel - Access your music collection from any internet connected device.
>Lychee - Make your photo albums available on the web.
>Mailpile - Modern email client which supports GPG encryption.
>Mumble - VoIP and text chat system.
>NextCloud - File storage, chat and video conferencing.
>PeerTube - Peer-to-peer video hosting.
>Pi-Hole - Block web ads at the DNS level.
>PrivateBin - Pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of the
>Rocketchat - Non-federated chat server (x86 systems only).
>Smol RSS - Minimal RSS reader.
>Syncthing - Synchronise files across all of your devices.
>Turtl - Privately create and share notes and images.
>XMPP - Chat server.
>2 Standard server apps
>These apps are not available on the onion only versions, since they
>currently be onion routed.
>Friendica - Federated social network system.
>Hubzilla - Web publishing platform with social network like features.
>Zap - Nomadic social network server
>3 Mesh apps
>CryptPad - Collaborate on documents, presentations, votes and drawing
>while off the grid
>IPFS public folder - Share files/audio/video on the mesh.
>Kdenlive - Edit videos
>Pelican - Static blogging with a large choice of themes
>qTox - The main text, VoIP and video chat application
>Shotwell - Manage and edit photos
>> That said, we could have more system examples for different use
>cases. We
>> could have an email example just as we have a desktop example for
>> instance. Is that what you're asking for?
>Both Freedombox and Freedombone are made to help administration be easy
>and to have all users have all services in order to avoid repeatedly
>creating users and administrating them for each service. I chose
>Freedombone and not Freedombox because the former has the intention of
>making it work exclusively with libre software, it also has mail server
>and has more applications than the former.
>I do not know much about Freedombox. On Freedombone, each service must
>activated or else it is not installed. The only default service is
>I think that the services Google offers would be enough for most users
>all applications that Freedombone offers are not necessary. But I think
>that it is good that they are available to choose for different
>of administration.
>Freedombone is just Debian plus the above mentioned programs installed
>bash scripts. Is it possible to make something similar on Guix? Could
>import the bash scripts and is it even necessary?
>Thank you for you input.

I don't think we need the bash scripts, only services. From what I read, we 
could provide a simple file like this and let users choose their services:

(define domain "")
; and other common configuration options
    ;; Uncomment for email
    ;(dovecot-service …)
    ;; Uncomment for cgit
    ; (cgit-service …)

And then, you have a base with sane defaults for a defined purpose, but can 
still tweak and change things.

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