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Re: personal communications server

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: personal communications server
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 16:48:29 -0500

> I don't think we need the bash scripts, only services. From what I read,
> we could provide a simple file like this and let users choose their
> services:
> (define domain "")
> ; and other common configuration options
> (operating-system
>   (services
>    (cons*
>     ;; Uncomment for email
>     ;(dovecot-service …)
>     ;; Uncomment for cgit
>     ; (cgit-service …)
>     )))
> And then, you have a base with sane defaults for a defined purpose, but
> can still tweak and change things.

I like this.

The users could also be included on this configuration. I am not sure if
users on the system are used also as users of the different services.

It would be nice to have something that would avoid configuration file
errors. Maybe some test that would review syntax on Emacs.

Maybe the best would be that each service would be run by a different user
in order to make the system more secure.

Just ideas.

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