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Re: Geiser and Guix - how to avoid long compilation steps?

From: Jonathan Frederickson
Subject: Re: Geiser and Guix - how to avoid long compilation steps?
Date: Mon, 25 May 2020 22:32:50 -0400

Ah! Thanks for the hint about the version of Guile.

Turns out it was actually the other way around; I had built Guix with Guile 3 but still had Guile 2.2 in my profile. This explains why an ad-hoc environment with Guile worked just fine, but Guile in my normal profile did not. (Looks like Guix gained support for Guile 3 prior to version 1.1.0:

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 2:05 am, divoplade <address@hidden> wrote:

I think that guix does not support guile 3 yet, so you should have
guile 2 bytecode for the guix modules. If geiser starts guile 3, then
guile 3 will recompile everything because the bytecode format changed
(and it could even compile native code).

Maybe it could work if you used guile 2.2 with geiser.


Le lundi 25 mai 2020 à 19:02 -0400, Jonathan Frederickson a écrit :
 I've been using Geiser to hack on Guix lately, which is absolutely
 wonderful to use when it works. The trouble is, after I upgrade my
 system's Guix, Guile attempts to compile large portions of Guix when
 attempt to switch to the module I'm working on in Geiser, e.g.:

 M-x run-guile
 ,m (gnu services games)

 This despite the fact that I'm working on a copy of Guix that I've
 already compiled with 'make' and that has the compiled copy
 the source. The compilation step takes a *long* time on my hardware,
 which is fairly painful when I want to hack on Guix.

 I do have my Guix checkout in geiser-guile-load-path in my emacs
 as per

 (with-eval-after-load 'geiser-guile
   (add-to-list 'geiser-guile-load-path "~/sources/guix"))

 My guess is that Guile is picking up my system's version of Guix
 my local copy. I understand that I could start a version of Emacs in
 pure ad-hoc environment (and Guile doesn't appear to start
 Guix when I do so), but the typical Emacs workflow is to have a
 long-running Emacs session and use that for everything; that's what
 used to, and I'd like to continue to do so if possible.

 Does anyone else experience this? What's the best way to use Geiser
 hack on Guix when running Guix System?

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