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Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 15:17:25 +0200
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Hi, Hubert and Matias,

Welcome you both! :-)

Just some comments as a fellow translator.

Hubert Lombard <> writes:
> I am now subscribed to the Translators mailing list. I have used
> Gtranslator but I think POedit is better.

I use po-mode for Emacs (it comes with gettext), but any tool that
provides some kind of automatic spell-checking helps a lot, at least
with typos.

> 2) I haven't used weblate but just the TP by sending my translation in
> an attachment file '' to
> In my case, I have not yet succeeded in passing the robot test (a
> returned email from the robot saying it's not OK yet. I must try again).

What's the message the robot emitting?  I'm aware of these problems
common problems:

* You are not allowed: this has to be solved by the coordinators.
* Problems related to the copyright lines: it checks some patterns and
  you have to follow its guidance.
* Problems related to the header: the empty string is special and it
  contains information about the translation and plural forms.  Same as
  before, following its advice is usually enough.
* Problems related to the contents, for that you can run to check it
  yourself "msgfmt -o /dev/null LANG.po".

I'm not aware of any other kind of error on the robot side, but
sometimes they are cryptic, so don't be afraid to ask.  There could be
problems not detected by the robot too, as msgfmt doesn't check the
texinfo markup, but these usually would be notified directly to you by
the maintainers of the project.

And also, thank you both for stepping up to this task. :-)

Best regards,

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