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Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 19:37:02 +0200
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I answer inline, so I snip a some bits here and there to leave just a
bit of context. :-)

Hubert Lombard <> writes:
> So I knom I must update my merged '' to
> pre2, modify language from 'fr_FR to 'fr' and when I'm done, send it
> directly.

Cool, you already got it!

>> I'm not aware of any other kind of error on the robot side, but
>> sometimes they are cryptic, so don't be afraid to ask.  There could be
>> problems not detected by the robot too, as msgfmt doesn't check the
>> texinfo markup, but these usually would be notified directly to you by
>> the maintainers of the project.
> It's nice to read this :-) By the way, is it
> possible, if it seems necessary, to modify directly the .po file by hand
> with a simple text editor ?

Sure, the po format is a text format that can be edited with the means
you estimate best for the task.  Usually higher level tools are more
adequate for the daily work, but a sed command to fix a typo might be
faster sometimes. :-)

> I have tried to learn a few about msgfmt, msgunfmt, msgcat, msgmerge and 
> xgettext, using them during the process of research, in the last days...
> Also, I have the impression that I will have to go into more detail
> about gettext and others, before the try ;-)

It's cool to understand the tools, even though not all of them are
oriented to the translators, but to the developers and maintainers as
xgettext.  They are different points of view of the overall localization

If you want to learn, the gettext manual might have some outdated
sections, mainly about the translation tools, but there's a lot of
knowledge contained there, and all the info is very useful.

>> And also, thank you both for stepping up to this task. :-)
> It will be a great pleasure for me to contribute with succes, and these
> answers will help me :-)

Just one more thing: *any contribution is a success*, they push towards
a better system. :-)

Best regards,

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