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Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual

From: Hubert Lombard
Subject: Re: Italian Translation of the Guix Manual
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 21:50:32 +0200

Le Sat, 24 Oct 2020 19:37:02 +0200,
Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas <> a écrit :


> > It's nice to read this :-) By the way, is it
> > possible, if it seems necessary, to modify directly the .po file by
> > hand with a simple text editor ?  
> Sure, the po format is a text format that can be edited with the means
> you estimate best for the task.
Good to know !

> Usually higher level tools are more
> adequate for the daily work, but a sed command to fix a typo might be
> faster sometimes. :-)

It is certain that if I learn sed, it will be useful. I find that Guix 
System is an incentive to improve in bash.
> It's cool to understand the tools, even though not all of them are
> oriented to the translators, but to the developers and maintainers as
> xgettext.  They are different points of view of the overall
> localization process.
> If you want to learn, the gettext manual might have some outdated
> sections, mainly about the translation tools, but there's a lot of
> knowledge contained there, and all the info is very useful.

Yes, for example, I was able to produce a .pot file, .msg messages and 
other tricks like displaying the file in the terminal with messages in color... 

> > It will be a great pleasure for me to contribute with succes, and
> > these answers will help me :-)  
> Just one more thing: *any contribution is a success*, they push
> towards a better system. :-)

Again, many thanks for your answer :-)

Kind regards,

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