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Re: Corrupt/missing store items

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Re: Corrupt/missing store items
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 09:20:51 +0100
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Jack Hill <> writes:

> Given what i know about the problem: substitute operations are failing
> because gnutls is not available, I tried:
> jackhill@kalessin ~$ guix build --substitute-urls= 
> /gnu/store/zkhymfsbrv0s4y7l778g78k6y65nidxd-gnutls-3.6.16.drv
> /gnu/store/2vjql2vd6srqxhr0r9xnhclqgc5kxlh1-gnutls-3.6.16-debug
> /gnu/store/ads39f4czri8s1k43qd0qpxi6dr3w0zn-gnutls-3.6.16-doc
> /gnu/store/jlk67v3nddhv0z963wfvahk8fc8gqcz8-gnutls-3.6.16
> jackhill@kalessin ~$ ls -l 
> /gnu/store/jlk67v3nddhv0z963wfvahk8fc8gqcz8-gnutls-3.6.16
> ls: cannot access 
> '/gnu/store/jlk67v3nddhv0z963wfvahk8fc8gqcz8-gnutls-3.6.16': No such file or 
> directory
> So Guix think's it's sucessfully built gnutls, but it's still not
> present in the store. I've also tried copying the store items from
> other hosts. No luck so far…

Does guix gc --verify=repair say anything?

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