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Re: package manager guix on Windows and OSX

From: jbranso
Subject: Re: package manager guix on Windows and OSX
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 20:56:22 +0000

June 25, 2021 1:53 PM, "Jonathan McHugh" <> wrote:

> Hi Joshua,
> A Guix-BSD hybrid would be delectable.
> I consider the OpenBSD community to be excellent, not only for their
> prioritising a tight kernel and high levels of security standards but
> because they refuse to release updates until documentation such as
> manpages are comprehensively written.

That and their software is top notch! Linus called their developers
"masturbating monkeys", because of their obsessive pursuit of security!
hahaha. At every shutdown, the OpenBSD kernel is re-linked. It's the same
kernel when you reboot it, but the binary is re-ordered. That's amazing!

> This final point is something which the Guix community needs to
> improve - there is too much of a publish first - decribe later philosophy. As 
> somebody still trying
> to fully master I get the feeling that
> their are things which will elude me until I get enough battle scars and
> my productivity will be hampered until I reach that sweet spot (or at
> least become more proficient/confident at just asking!)

My personal feeling is that GNU should adopt Org mode as their documentation 
standard.  It's slightly easier to use than texinfo.  Thought texinfo is 
pretty rad.  :)
> I should state that I consider the help-guix and devel-guix to be highly
> informative, friendly and professional. There should be greater
> expectations of contributors to explain their improved functionalities
> in advance. Additionally, I hold your individual support to be
> exemplary.

Well thanks!  I might mount that compliment on my wall!

> Additionally, while I understand that MIT is in many ways deficient
> compared to GPL licenses, if not pernicious and counterproductive I do
> empathise regarding why networking engineers may prefer having a licence
> which permits encapsulation more readily.

Well, what is interesting, is that the HyperbolaBSD developers intend to 
rewrite 20% of the BSD kernel and license the whole project GPL.  :)

What do you mean by:

> empathise regarding why networking engineers may prefer having a licence
> which permits encapsulation more readily.

> Joshua Branson <> writes:
>> Edouard Klein <> writes:
> To port Guix to another operating system such as BSD (including OSX),
> one would have to translate these calls.
> For example, Guix is the only software I've actually encountered that
> can not run in SmartOS' emulation of Linux, because the system calls it
> uses are not implemented there.
> I would love for Guix to be a Multi Kernel package manager (I mean it
> works on the Hurd also, but I have never encountered a Hurd user in real
> life). My dream would be to port Guix to Plan 9 ;-)
>> Why Plan 9? May I ask? And I do really like the Hurd, but I use the
>> dvorak keyboard layout. My understanding is that the Hurd does not
>> support variant keyboard layouts yet... :(
>> I actually think that the Guix developers may want to consider a port to
>> the OpenBSD kernel, provided that the Hyperbola developers get
>> HyperbolaBSD working. Though I guess the Debian guys sort of did
>> already. :)
> --
> Jonathan McHugh

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